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November 18, 2017

NEW ALBUM: Hope Has An Enemy

HOPE HAS AN ENEMY Lyrics can be found below the music player, or HERE. somewhere in between staring down the truth of your deceit, i was blinded by my own belief… in you. how can we see this through? ’cause it would take everything just to tell you….. standing in the shadow ... Read More »

November 18, 2017 0

November 2, 2017

NEW SONG: honestly

http://elocine.net/mp3/hope%20has%20an%20enemy/elocine%20-%20hope%20has%20an%20enemy%20-%2005%20-%20honestly.mp3   here we are, still too far to cast out regret. and every time, i lose my mind just trying to forget. i recall it's all my fault that led you to dismay. so take tonight and i'll make things right if you want me to stay. if i could just be anyone else but me... when you're down and blue i would do anything ... Read More »

November 02, 2017 0

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