the way things are




01. intro
02. your neverending failure
03. without a trace
04. under the knife
05. always taken
06. downtime
07. the way things are
08. every time i think about you is just another twist of the dagger in my heart
09. glaciers
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your neverending failure
your love let me down, but i won’t be afraid. time takes its toll, but my heart won’t get old. carry yourself around, but you won’t see this through to the end.

without a trace
wake me up. i don’t want to fall asleep again because it’s the only way i’ll see your face. my dreams are broken and lost in space, and now you’re gone without a trace. i’m going to hold you to every word you say, your ungrateful deeds, and selfish ways. and how does it feel now? you got what you deserve—faced with lies and a love that hurts. i don’t know what you’re looking for. i’m not asking for anything more. but i wanted to be your sin.

under the knife
i can’t strip away the pain or break apart the sorrow. i don’t want to live through this or even face tomorrow. you’d trace it back to me and hold me to my actions. but i won’t put up with any of this or let you impose detraction on me. you hate me, you thought i couldn’t be what you deserve. but say that you’ll at least remember. save me from being someone you could hurt, and shape me into something you remember.

always taken
please kiss these lips tonight, they’re dry. i’m waiting. sit close to me, i’ll hold you tight until the morning. i won’t close my eyes, i’ll open wide because i’m watching to see you sleep all through the night and your breathing. just when i find hope, you’re always taken. so how will i find love when you’re always taken?

walk out into the night in my sleep, it’s 4am. tell me i could never be the one. silence speaks to me slowly, smoking through the tears, while i’m turning myself out, choking on the years. so hold on, we’ll figure things out, talk it over, and somehow make it through with no doubt that we’ll drive into the ground.

the way things are
tracing back the steps you made to show me the way and understand that what you meant is there’s nothing to say. picking up and crawling back into your heart. but i’ve been gone for far too long that i forgot who we are. and all this time, nothing has changed. but you’ve moved too far and i can’t see the way things are.

every time i think about you is just another twist of the dagger in my heart
lost in a million years of time, guarded by the spaces of your mind. holding onto nothing but stars, scared by the silence of your heart… so quiet. and you’re so gone now.

i saw you standing there with the sun on your face and your hair on your shoulders, but i looked away. you walked into the room, so young and afraid. with the world on your shoulders, you asked me to take you away. i couldn’t speak, i couldn’t find words to say what’s on my mind. if i had just a little time, everything would be just fine. if we had just a little time, i know you could be mine.

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the phone is still ringing in my head, left me awake in the dead of night. i can’t believe the words you said. you had me lying all night in bed. i just can’t pretend anymore. i’m falling off the world again. i’m calling out the world again. i’m so alone without your smile. standing, head down, eyes closed, not a sound but the rain—you kept me coming back for more. i can’t believe the words you said. you had me crying all night in bed. i just can’t pretend anymore.