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i might call you up ’cause i just need some time tonight. but you won’t pick me up ’cause you’d just waste your time tonight. if you could understand that i could be your man tonight. i’ll feel your worst, i’ll steal your jealousy. so come away with me tonight. show me your heart, where it wants to go, and everything there is left to know.

this beautiful tragedy
we stand outside… it’s too late and lonely and always cold when our hearts have fallen old. all the excuses i threw at you cannot pick up the youthless years that surround you. i never thought that i could feel this way….

i was too afraid that nothing could be saved
should i stay? tell me no and i’ll leave for a week or a month or ’til when i can let you go. but turn around to the sound of your beating heart or i’ll just be a memory in your mind. let me know just what i can see in your eyes. will i be just a memory that you never will find? falling on my knees and running out of reasons ’cause there were things that i would say if only i wouldn’t be so afraid. in the end, it doesn’t matter anyway….

give it up
bring your glass to the table… we’ll pour it up and down it like a shot of perfection. turn the lights up at last call… can you see me now? we’ll drive it out under nightfall on 95. we’ll take it slow and just watch all the street lights glow. and we won’t stop ’til the morning comes… i can feel you now. but i saw it in your eyes when you looked at me and all they say is that you’d rather be… alone.

inside out
i’ve spent too many days just wasting away, hanging onto every word that you say because i want this now, it’s all that i need to feel whole, to feel alive, to make my heart bleed. spin this thing around until we can’t see all the stars come full circle to be too many years gone by to let this all go. but i won’t leave, i will not run ’til you let me know. so save yourself…. forget all the things i said i would be. i blame myself, i admit i believed that what i could see was almost real. (i hate myself because i believed that what i could see wasn’t a dream.)