the unloved ones




01. everything we know
02. the object of my desire
03. for the girl i’ve been dreaming of
04. knowing is half the battle, the other half is just giving up
05. forget your youth
06. just another delusion
07. plans (ida cover)

everything we know
i wanted to take you home last night. but i’d been waiting a while for you to say it’d be alright, but nothing’s changing your mind. i want to call you up tonight because we’ve been wasting our time. we could hold hands, we could make out or just be cool because there’s no one around. just don’t let go of everything we know…

the object of my desire
trapped beneath the weight of days, waiting just to say i know that we should go our separate ways and hope to meet again someday, somehow. wrapped up in this dream of lies… if i can open up my eyes, i’d know that i’m the only one to blame and now my heart won’t be the same without your love. i can’t be myself when you’re around, it’s something new. i don’t know myself, all at the cost of loving you. if i could say the words i feel deep in my heart, and if you feel the same way, i won’t be afraid anymore.

for the girl i’ve been dreaming of
hey little darling girl, you’re in my dreams again because i just can’t help this feeling to pretend. i don’t know how to get by without your kiss and that look in your eye and i can’t feel your breath when i go to sleep at night. my little darling girl, you’re in my dreams again, but i don’t like the feeling of having to pretend because i know that there is no time to say all the things that are on your mind. there’s just too many years to make up between the lines. i am not enough to be the one that you could love. so i’ll just give up and let you be the one that i keep dreaming of. take my hand, don’t let it go—i never wanted any more than this.

knowing is half the battle, the other half is just giving up
open your eyes, can you see me now? you’re lost in the crowd, drowning you so loud. crucify all you are to me in the suicide of your heart. walking alone, are you happy now? smiles and your charm can’t save you this time. take all of your breaths in one last cry, and plead for the shame and guilt of your life. open up, let it in, take it all–what your heart can’t give. let it out, let it go, wash away what you can’t forget. am i losing out on a love with you?

forget your youth
tell me one more time, what is it on your mind? but it’s not easy for me, i am barely listening to your words that skew the way i feel for you. i bet it’s not easy fighting off the boys who can’t see that you’re so beautiful, that you’re so wonderful. the way you go, don’t run away from all the secrets i can’t stand. the way you speak goes to my head, can’t i be the one instead? it’s been a long, long time since i first stepped in line to be the one who could do anything you want me to. so just forget the child who day after day and a while let them get the best of you and panicked from the boys who can’t see that you’re so beautiful, that you’re so wonderful.

just another delusion
lost in the wake of the death of your precious smile, i can’t shake the thought that i’ve let myself down. i know i’m to blame for whatever this misery is, troubled and shamed that it’s all in my head. i want it all, but your heart won’t give. just say the word and i’ll go on. i know you deserve something more, all you wish for, and what i will never be. so why can’t i stop fooling myself over you?


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