love will be defeated


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i dreamt that you almost loved me
i want something to believe in, but i just can’t let go of this feeling of a love cast down with no hope or healing, on my heart of glass that you keep on stealing.

i believed you when you said yes
i just wanted to be your hope, your someone to run to, someone to hold on to. you said you just wanted to be alone with no one to cry to, but i can’t forget you. just give me a chance and i will never let you down. just say what you need and i will always be around.

every breath i take whispers your name. every move i make is part of your game. ’cause i need your love… your love. every step i take leads to your door. every wish i make leaves me wanting more. ’cause i need your love… your love.

it was just another memory i’ll erase
when it feels like we have made a start, i’ll be waiting for you to break my heart. it won’t be long before you’re gone and i’ll admit that i was wrong… and it tears my world apart. hold your head up high and be the girl you’ve thought of. and i’ll close my eyes ’cause i can’t be the one you love. when it feels like you could use a change, i’ll be waiting for you to rearrange the stars at night across the sky, so i can wish to be the guy that you have been dreaming of. keep your smile on wide and be the one that i adore. i’ll open up my eyes and see that there was nothing more.

you will never know
i just wanted to be your love, but being good isn’t good enough. and when push finally came to shove, i couldn’t be brave enough. i just wanted to taste your lust, but my lips are not bold enough to keep you from turning in disgust. i should’ve known, your eyes told enough. and i know we won’t be the same as we grow older. and i will be the one they blame when this is over. i just wanted to feel your touch, but my body isn’t cool enough. and now you’re proving to be too much because my heart cannot trust enough.

the day you disappeared
can you feel it now? there’s something in the air tonight that says we’ll be alright ’cause i’ve been waiting for this moment to arrive and make me feel alive. take my hand, i’ll show you everything if i could be anything to you. can you see it now? there’s a fire inside my heart and you made it spark. but i’m still waiting for your lips to come around and just let me down.

how do i get close to you?
say that it’s over now and i won’t fight. but how can it be that we’ve been wrong all this time when it feels so right? if there’s only one thing you should know, i won’t lie. but i can’t remember all the things that we may have said tonight. how long will i be alone? ’cause i won’t ever be enough. but i know i would do anything to be yours. (i’ll be afraid, i can’t escape. my heart will break every time i see your face.)

on me forever
i’ll never find the words to say. i’ll just stare at you and be betrayed by my own broken heart ’cause we’re still worlds apart. why do we have to live this way? all your wishes, all your wants are all i want to give. but every time i feel you near i know i’ll only be a friend. you’ve lied too many times before. you keep your secrets behind doors. it feels like a heart attack ’cause you can’t take it back. but you’re still the one i’m searching for. all my wishes, all my wants are what you won’t believe. and every time you leave me here i know i’ll only be afraid.

love will be defeated
i’m so sad ’cause the older i get, the more i regret the times we had. it’s been too long that i’ve been trying to hide it, but now it’s too hard to fight it ’cause i’m scared i’m wrong. where to start—the night we first met, or the mistakes we forget that tore us apart? i’m sorry if i let you down… i know i’m not appealing, and you can’t help the feeling that you don’t want me around. but change your mind and you will find that i’m so into you…


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