hope has an enemy


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somewhere in between
staring down the truth of your deceit, i was blinded by my own belief in you. how can we see this through? ’cause it would take everything just to tell you. standing in the shadow of defeat, wishing on the stars for some relief from this. now what are we gonna do? ’cause it would take everything just to let you go.

more than this
how long do i have to wait? ’cause nothing’s changing, it’s still the same. i wanna feel more than this for once in my life. i wanna be more than this… be someone. i don’t belong, should i go away? or keep pretending that it’s okay. i wanna feel more than this for once in my life. i wanna be more than this… be someone. and i know that i’m to blame ’cause i’ve been here all this time and haven’t found a way outside my mind. i wanna feel more than this for once in my life. i will never be more than this… i’m no one.

everything is nothing
i could do this for another hundred years, but that would only bring another million tears. down here on my knees, i’m begging, darling, please… please don’t go, please don’t go, baby, please don’t go. i’ve been wasting time just always wondering where you are, where you’ve gone to, and where you’ve been. i dreamed a perfect kiss, pressed up against your lips, but you don’t know, you don’t know, baby, you don’t know. i was so naive to think and to believe we could be young, we could be stupid, could be wild and free. but here we are again– a moment to pretend what we both know, we both know, baby, we both know.

now is the time
all i do is keep on waiting for you. all my life, i’ve compromised. but now, i finally realize it’s time to make my move. where to go? ’cause i’ve been sinking so low. i thought you’d fill this empty heart, but all we’ve done is drift apart. it’s time that you should know. take it back and let’s rewind so you can see and you can find, ask me questions, read my mind. but nothing’s changed ’cause now’s the time.

here we are, still too far to cast out regret. and every time, i lose my mind just trying to forget. i recall it’s all my fault that led you to dismay. so take tonight and i’ll make things right if you want me to stay. if i could just be anyone else but me… when you’re down and blue, i would do anything you want me to ’cause i am so in love with you. and i know that you’re through but i didn’t want to be the one that you outgrew ’cause i am so in love with you. i’m in love with you…


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